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Jennifer & Michael Burt

Burt Studios


Stained glass & jewelry




Michael and Jennifer Burt grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. Michael studied fine art at Eastern Michigan University and Jennifer took private painting, jewelry and stained glass classes. They have been professional artists for more than 10 years and have achieved success in several mediums. 
Artists' Statement:

Michael and I found ourselves drawn to working with glass for its relationship with light. Glass has an ability to absorb light, and that light gives the glass a depth of color and texture not found in other mediums.

Our designs come from our subconscious sense of placement of shape and color. Abstract, colorful, and magical is our intent.

All of our work is done without any pre-drawn patterns or molds. The glass and wire-wrapped pieces are all formed freehand and assembled using pliers and wire cutters.

Our stained glass process consists of hand cutting and grinding each piece of glass. A finished panel typically contains seven to 70 individual pieces of glass. The pieces are then wrapped in copper foil and set into position to await soldering and framing. Once soldered together, the panel is either left the natural silver solder color or a patina is applied to give it an antique finish. The piece is then waxed to preserve the shine.

All our work is created by my husband, Michael, and I, at our home studio in Nashville. We enjoy interacting with the customer and attend 15 to 20 shows a year throughout the United States.

E-mail: Burtstudios@msn.com