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Ron Dawson

I think that my photography was greatly influenced by my early years growing up on a farm in Illinois.  I grew up roaming the land observing nature and its wildlife as the seasons changed.  The farm was a small family farm typical of the 1950s with tillable crop land, pasture land, creek bottoms and upland hardwood forest land.

My early introduction to wildlife photography was with a used Super 8mm movie camera.  I had fun making wildlife movies, but at that point in my life, I could not afford the equipment that was needed to take my wildlife photography to the next level.  As the years passed, photography evolved into taking photographs of the growing family with a 35mm film camera.     

Years later, I bought my first digital camera to take pictures of the extensive flower collection that I was growing in my suburban Indiana yard.  Within a few years, I began investing in camera gear more suitable for wildlife photography.  After years of taking pictures of the natural world around me, I had improved my technique and invested in better gear to the point that I started selling my photography.  Most of my commercial photography consists of wildlife, birds, butterflies, flowers and landscapes.  I still enjoy the challenge of trying to photograph wildlife in its environment using the existing natural light.  I hope that my work not only brings enjoyment to me but to those that see and buy my work.   




E-mail: sonofdawra@gmail.com